Electricity from heat

We provide systems that generate electricity from waste, biomass or geothermical heat.

The systems re-use energy in industries such as paper, saw, refinery, cement or incineration. They can also be used together with large diesel engines (gen sets and marine engines) and of cource also geothermical projects.

A typical system is 500-3.000 kWe. (kilo Watt electricity) Temperature of heat source is normally 80-180 degrees C.

High Electrical Output

Many systems for generating electricity from heat use a so-called ORC process (Orgainc Rankine Cycle). It´s a similar process to what´s used in a home refrigerator. But reversed.

The ECT invention improves the gain in the ORC process and makes it possible to get around twice the electrical output from same amount of hot water compared to other commercial available systems.

The ECT process (Pat.Pend.) is audited by SP Technical Research Institute and University of Karlstad in Sweden.